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If shopping for handbags makes your heart flutter, this place will make your heart breakout in song ...

Michelle McCullough

The ESSE Purse Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas, helps us to understand the origin of our LOVE of handbags. From UTILITY to ART to FASHION statements, the handbag has evolved and served us well over the years.

This purse museum is one of only 3 in the world. It features decades of purses (and their contents) from the 1900’s to the present, like a historical walk in time through the eyes of the women who carried them.

Visit this hidden gem if you have a chance. It’s visually engaging and a delight for your senses. The space has a welcoming spirit, warm and friendly staff, with an adjacent boutique gift shop.

ESSE Purse Museum,

ESSE Purse Museum - Little Rock, Arkansas

ESSE Purse Museum - Little Rock, Arkansas

Handbags Through Time - ESSE Purse Museum

Handbags Through Time - ESSE Purse Museum